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It's Time to Change History Again

Laurie Dolan, Olynpian,  9/1/2017
"I have always believed my parents were heroes. They conquered the Third Reich and created NATO. The United States became the leader of the Free World; the Nation that all others looked to for moral integrity and leadership...My feelings for Donald Trump have very little to do with politics, and everything to do with the fact that he has made a sham out of the moral integrity of the presidency, our nation’s leadership, my own parent’s fight for a world free for democracy, and our own children’s future".     Read More

Linking graduation to high-stakes testing was a mistake

By Monica Stonier and Laurie Dolan, Opinion, Seattle Times, 6/4/2017
"Standardized tests have a place in our education system. But linking them to graduation was a mistake, resulting in inhibited educational opportunities for our kids". Read More

State employees will get to take vacation days right away

Walker Orenstein, Olympian, 5/4/2017
The sponsor of House Bill 1521, Rep. Laurie Dolan, D-Olympia, said the measure is just “one more way to try to have people want to stay employed by the state of Washington.”     Read More

Lawmakers answer Thurston County’s call for help to build a new Courthouse

Walker Orenstein, Olympian, 4/7/2017
"The push for a new courthouse in Thurston County is likely to get a boost from the state Capitol...Under current law, the county has only a nine-year window to increase levies to pay off bonds. House Bill 1344, sponsored by Olympia state Rep. Laurie Dolan, would change that to 25 years". Read More

Charter Schools Need Accountabiity to Public

Laurie Dolan, Olympian Op-Ed, 12/9/16
"I am a strong proponent of alternative learning options for kids that need opportunities outside the traditional educational setting....However, I’m an even stronger supporter of our state’s constitution".
 Read More

Hunt, Dolan, and Doglio Best Fit for 22nd District

The Olympian Editorial Board, 10/18/2016
"In the contested House seat, Dolan, 64, is ready to serve. She worked for three decades as a K-12 school administrator and classroom teacher and a dozen years ago ran unsuccessfully for state Senate in Spokane’s 6th District. She is a cancer survivor, and after moving to Olympia she served as policy director for then-Gov. Chris Gregoire for four years"   Read More


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