Laurie Dolan
State Representative District 22

With Gratitude

Dear Friends,
I want to take this moment to say “Thank you!”

With your help, I was excited to receive over 70% of the vote on Tuesday, making it possible to return to my job as your State Representative in the 22nd Legislative District. For my many education friends reading this, it is like getting a second “2-year non-continuing contract.” I know you will enjoy the humor in that.

After spending most of my life either attending school or working for the Spokane Public Schools, it is uniquely different to be on two alternating calendars:campaign and legislative work. During the legislative session, there is no campaign business. However, during the campaign months, the legislative business never actually stops. I have been working on several bills that I believe will make a difference in K-12 funding, fighting for state employee jobs and a variety of other important goals. This final campaign e-mail means that I will be communicating from my legislative address beginning in January.

Yard Signs:
Special thanks to each of you who hosted a yard sign! And thanks to Steve Drew, Steve Trapp, Art Dolan,  Darrel and Julie Peeples, and Doug Bell for your willingness to both deliver signs and pick them up. If you have a yard sign that has not been collected (and you don’t want to store it in your garage), please text me your address at (360) 259-5508 and one of our team will pick it up.

In case I haven’t told you lately. . . this is such a great job that you helped me secure! Being able to use my skill set in a meaningful way to make our community better, and to represent each of you, is the best of every world.

With Thanks and Deep Appreciation!



I want to take the opportunity to thank my pweronal Endorsements in 2018


"I bring experienced leadership and a life of public service to the Washington Legislature. I am excited to serve the people of the 22nd District and the State of Washington to protect and improve our quality of life."   ~Laurie Dolan




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